This course is perfect for you if:

  • You dread your period every month because the pain is excruciating

  • You're calling in sick to work or cancelling plans because of your cramps

  • You rely on pain-killers for some relief, which don't always work

  • You're tired of being told that painful periods are "normal"

  • You're determined to take control of your body and find the root causes of your pain

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course

    2. Hormone Imbalance Quiz

    1. Your monthly report card

    2. Reasons for period pain

    1. Ideal cycle, tracking + my fav apps

    2. Cycle syncing: the 4 phases

    3. What your cycle says about your health

    4. What makes periods worse

    5. Period technology

    1. What to eat & what to avoid

    2. How much water you need + my fav filters

    3. How to support your gut health

    4. How to balance your blood sugar

    1. How to get rid of stress

    2. How to get the best sleep of your life

    3. How to exercise with your cycle

    4. How to get rid of & avoid toxins

    5. Alcohol & Coffee

    6. Castor Oil Packs

    7. Toolkit for getting rid of cramps

    8. My fav period products

    1. Affirmations + Meditations

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  • easy tips

    things you can do right away

  • worksheets & handouts

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